Stewardship Framework Agreement

As with corporate governance principles, investors should apply the principles of the trust in a way they deem appropriate. The reasons and expectations underlying any principle were articulated as guidance. The IGH encourages institutional investors to be transparent in their voting and engagement policies and to align them with the principles of the trust. These principles should not prevent investors from opting for more explicit and/or stronger fiduciary practices. The U.S. Stewardship and Governance framework is not intended to replace or replace existing federal or regional laws or regulations or list rules applicable to a company or institutional investor. The framework is also not static and is regularly evaluated and revised with the consensus of its members, as expectations for corporate governance and investment management change. The year 2019-2020 will consist of the conclusion of the empowerment agreement, new meetings between the three nations and the BC province, and an ongoing commitment to community and leadership. The framework is intended to formulate a number of fundamental responsibilities for institutional investors. We welcome and encourage other investors to sign up and support the U.S.

management and governance framework. Through the ESI, First Nations, industry, the province and the Government of Canada, they are creating opportunities for the development of new environmental management projects related to the development of natural resources and infrastructure. These projects will be separated and in addition to regulatory requirements related to environmental issues related to natural resource and infrastructure projects. In addition to the ESI, the province works with First Nations on initiatives related to natural gas and natural resource development, including qualification, employment, consultation and accommodation work in regulatory decision-making and economic benefit sharing. The ability to enter into agreements between participating First Nations and the province provides a formal basis for cooperation under the Regional Project Environmental Responsibility Initiative. In Skeena, Omineca, north-east and the north coast, four regional forums have been set up to identify and develop projects based on each region`s priorities. A fifth working group – the Governance Working Group – develops the principles of ESI governance, decision-making and a long-term corporate structure.