Peace Agreement Between Israel And Muslim Countries

The Palestinian Authority (P.A.) and most of the Arab and Muslim world have criticized the UAE`s approach. The P.A. called the agreement with Israel “a betrayal of Jerusalem, al Aqsa and the Palestinian cause.” A controversial part of the agreement stipulates that Jerusalem`s holy sites should be open to peaceful citizens of all faiths. Many Palestinians fear that the Israeli state will use the terminology used in the declaration to take control of the Temple Mount on which al Aqsa is located. The al-Aqsa Mosque is the third shrine for Muslims, while the Temple Mount is also revered by Jews. The Chief of Staff of the Iranian armed forces Mohammad Bagheri meanwhile said that their strategy towards the UAE would now shift and the UAE would be held responsible in case of an attack on Iran through the Persian Gulf. [76] Foreign Minister Zarif said on 24 August that the UAE could not buy Israel`s security, which is not certain. He added that cooperation between the Countries of the Persian Gulf was the only way to ensure security. [77] On 26 August, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei warned the VaE that they were held responsible for any threat from Israel to their country and said they should observe Israel`s anti-Iranian activities in Israel from within. [78] But the agreement triggered an immediate counter-reaction in the region of opposing parts of the ideological spectrum. At least some Israeli settlers and their political allies were disappointed that Mr. Netanyahu abandoned his plan to claim west Bank sovereignty, while the Palestinians felt abandoned by an Arab nation that, even without the threat of annexation, locked them in an unsustainable status quo.

“We`re on a high road with about five different countries,” Trump told reporters before the ceremony. Pakistan did not speak too loudly about the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Islamabad`s official statement simply stated that the agreement had “significant consequences.” At the same time, the Pakistani government stressed that it was not a question of recognizing Israel until there was a two-state solution to the conflict. On the other hand, Iran strongly condemned its neighbour`s move, calling the agreement with Israel an “act of strategic stupidity”. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the UAE made a “huge mistake” in thinking the United States.