What We Offer

ღ Promotional Photos for your own personal use and our use will be done!

ღ Promotion on Facebook: Custom poster (graphic) with the date and time will be made and spammed with the SLurl to the place you are performing at the day of the gig. If you do not have your own facebook page we will make a fan page for you so people can like and add content for you.

ღ Events Listings: We will be checking for events listings for each show and if they are not listed, we will either request it from them or do them ourselves.

ღ Hosting Events: You will have a host at your show who will be your cheerleader! Will promote your tip jar and the venue’s tips, do a mass group invite (if you wish- that is up to you) and also promote things such as subscribo, hand out song lists when necessary, etc. They will send out a group chat with SLurl at the beginning of your show and also at halftime, as well as notices. We have a bot that will publish notices to over 20 Second Life groups.

ღ Booking Gigs: We will approach venue owners and negotiate gigs as to your specifications and wishes.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Whether that’s a couple shows a week or working every night, we believe in you and want you to succeed.